13. Levi's 1st Birthday Quilt
Cowboy Medallion
Completed June, 2015

12. Erin and Luke's 10th Anniversary Quilt
Double Wedding Ring made using
Marti Michelle template kitCompleted late May, 2015 in time for their June 5th anniversary!
Longarm quilting by Rebecca Verrier-Watt

11. Matthew and Kailie's Rehearsal Dinner Memento Quilt
Half-triangle squares signed by family and friends in attendance
at their rehearsal dinner, May 29, 2014 
and November NC Party attendees on the quilt back
Completed May 2015

10. Matthew and Kailie's wedding quilt
(unfinished in this photo)
Two Colors Star by Fresh Lemons in the Solstice Stars Series
with half-rectangle triangle border designed by me
Top completed in May, 2014

The Sari Bari Quilts, 2013
Photography by Beth Pinckney, Kay Pinckney, and Amber Benton
 at Chandra Ozment's beautiful farm

9. Our quilt - "Broken : Whole"
Completed September 2013
for the Sari Bari Auction

8. Mama's 80th birthday Quilt
Started, August 2012

Completed  April, 2013

  Half-square triangles and pieced borders

detail of the quilting, done by Rebecca Verrier-Watt 

7. 3rd Birthday Doll Quilt for Clara
Completed September, 2012
(no photo, sorry)

The Sari Bari quilts
Made with Indian saris, pieced with friends
Quilted by Rebecca Verrier-Watt
Completed August 2012

6. Shards into Diamond
Completed August, 2012
for the Sari Bari Quilt Auction

5. Sari Swirl
Completed August, 2012
for the Sari Bari Quilt Auction

4. Natty's quilt for Bubba, the bunny
Free-style fabric play with a three year old!
Completed, May 2012

3. Thomas and Kay's wedding quilt
Value quilt
Completed June 2011


2. Jonathan and Kandyce's wedding quilt
Mountain paths, Quiltmaker magazine, Spring 1992
Completed, December 2010


1. Clara's quilt
Nine patch quilt, started in the 90's, 
Completed February, 2010
The first quilt I ever made!

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