Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Every day in June ...

Here we go. I'm taking a stab at writing and riding every day in June. Sometimes writing about riding, but not always. Just making a stab at doing both for a solid month. We'll see. Tonight, some mental pictures from this evening's lovely 20 miler ...

 white faced Herefords, shoulder high in early summer grass,
 a whiff of honeysuckle,

ripe winter wheat, unmoving in the evening stillness, tawny, the color of a lion's mane,

occasionally a malodorous scent - probably a dead possum in a ditch that the vultures haven't completely eaten clean
pushing hard up the last hill on Morrison, catching my breath in gasps at the top
coasting down the driveway and loving seeing a tomato on the vine, deep green chard, daylilies and the biggest hydrangea blossoms ever, in my garden this year
It was a good day. Happy June.

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