Sunday, June 05, 2016

Every day in June #5

Let's talk about something besides cycling, shall we?!

The end of May/beginning of June are full of family events. I'll start today and work my way back ...

Erin and Luke celebrated their 11th anniversary today!
Jonathan turned 30 last Friday. Yikes! I have two thirty-somethings now.
Matthew and Kailie celebrated their second wedding anniversary last Tuesday, May 31.
Jonathan and Kandyce celebrated their sixth anniversary last Monday, May 30.

We were (sadly) not present for any of those milestones because those children faraway live in New York state, Denver, and Minneapolis, respectively. 

BUT ...

We did get to greet baby Caroline Harper Pinckney shortly after she was born on May 20! Grandchild #4 for Coty and me. Very thankfully, this little one and her family live in North Carolina!!!

 Now a family of four! Thomas, Kay, David, and Caroline!

Now, back to cycling, etc. for just a moment. I rode today before the storm blew in. The clouds were low slung and dark, the air heavy with the scent of rain. Fragrance and stench hung in the humid air. Magnolia and skunk. I had a tailwind going out Lee Vaughn Road, a headwind on the way back. I turned around when I saw a dog down the road ahead of me. Not worth the risk. Dogs make me very nervous when I'm cycling alone. So, avoiding the dog was well worth the extra quarter mile.

When I got back, we ate Mama's good chicken salad, fruit, and pimiento cheese on celery.

Then I spend three hours sorting old photos ...

 Baby me, 1957
Baby Erin, 1983 

and Baby Caroline (not an old photo, 
just fun to look at 
Mother/Gramma, Daughter/Aunt, and Granddaughter/Niece)

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