Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Thanks to my editor

A few minutes ago, I hit "send." I wrote an article about Make Welcome that will be posted on another website soon. Details to come about where it will appear when I know the date it will be posted. Tonight I want to thank my editor.

After Daddy went to bed, I asked Mama to read the article. She is a fine writer and grammarian and I knew that her hypothetical red pen would be helpful. She read carefully, sentence by sentence, and offered many comments and suggestions. She even critiqued the photos I had chosen and helped me choose alternatives. I took her advice on almost everything. I did have to explain to her that the word "sewist" is commonly used in the sewing world these days. She'd never heard of it.

We rarely do anything like this together and it was wonderful. We should write together more often. If the article is any good, it's partly because I had a great editor. Thanks, Mama.

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