Friday, August 21, 2015

Missing ... but thankful

Tonight I am missing my children. I just looked back at our beach pictures and wanted them all here again. Wanted them on the porch, candles lit, porch swing chain creaking as it swayed, cicadas thrumming in the background. Alas, they are spread far and wide. As I write, they are in rural New York state, Israel, Denver, Cary NC, New York City, Minneapolis, and Chapel Hill. I get to see the North Carolina boys, d-i-l, and grandbaby on Sunday. Hooray!

I marvel at these children. They are doing wonderful and amazing things and I stand back and watch and cherish the incredible gift I've been given in each one of them. As our family has grown through marriage and the births of grandchildren, I feel deeply thankful for each added person. One more to love. I pray for the grace to do it well.

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Jayne said...

Dearest Beth,
Thank you for your candor and transparency in this empty nest season for you. I am no where near empty nest yet, but occasionally I miss them when they are all out of the house. I am praying for God's good comfort in that difficult emotion and transition time. You are a powerful example to me.
I watched the Hobbit and there was a scene where all of the dwarves were in the house and then they were gone and all was so quiet and empty. I said that looks like my crew's comings and goings. Craziness followed by a lonely silence. God is good even then. I love how you are negotiating those curves of life and the business you have made for yourself.
Please keep posting, Love, Jayne Walker