Thursday, July 02, 2015

Catching up #2: A Quilt Reveal

I love showing you quilts but can't always do it when they are in process because they are so often gifts. Erin and Luke celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on June 5th (really??? 10 years! hard to believe). I'd been working on their quilt for ooooh, three or four years and was very glad to finish it and get it in the mail in time for their actual anniversary.

I suppose I wasn't actively working on it that long, but I did start collecting fabrics quite a while back. I also quizzed Erin on colors and quilt styles that she liked. She mentioned the Double Wedding Ring and together we picked a few fabrics. Fabric shopping with her was helpful and gave me good ideas about color and fabric styles. I also purchased a Marti Michell Double Wedding Ring template set a few years ago.

Maybe a year and a half back , I started cutting fabric. Lots and lots of little tiny arc pieces which were chain pieced over quite a few months. I would work on the quilt and then put it aside, pull it out again and have to re-read all my directions and start over. Did that a few times with both the arc piecing and the "clamshell" construction. (See here to get an idea of how it came together. This isn't the template set I used, but it's a helpful graphic).

97 "melons" with 1,358 tiny arc pieces sewn around 42 center diamonds later, I was done with the top! I chose vintage looking print for the back and used a Windsor blue marbled fabric to bind it. I'm pleased with both choices. The long arm quilting was done by Rebecca Verrier-Watt and, as always, her work is top notch!

I like to embroider my quilt labels and then hand-stitch them to the back.

Happy anniversary, Erin and Luke!

And thanks, Lindele - for reading, for your comment, and for your love of fabrics and quilting that inspired me so long ago. Wished we lived closer and could sew together!


O'Quilts said...

aw...good job..lots of love in this quilt

Heidi said...

So beautiful!