Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Catching up #1

Oh, my word's been way too long, friends. I apologize. Though I do sometimes wonder if anyone lands in this space any more and bothers to read since I have been so remiss about posting lately. That's gotten to be a constant refrain, hasn't it?! I think about posting, but there just doesn't seem to be physical time or mental space to sit down and plunk it out here. But, I have hopes ... hopes of writing more.

How about a little catching up to start with. The last post was pre-triathlon. Andrew and I did the TriLatta on June 13th and I can honestly say that it was a blast! I was worried about the swim and figured if I made it through that open water swim without freaking out, I was good. I am happy to report that doing the practice swims paid off and I was calm and happy during the race. I never felt like I was hyperventilating, never had to roll over on my back, hardly even breast-stroked. It was easier than I anticipated to site the large red tomato shaped buoys and I even sort of "drafted" behind or alongside other swimmers. I was so happy when I finished the swim that I flashed a thumbs up at my cheering squad and headed up the hill to T1 (first transition).

I took my time getting ready for the ride. Wiped the sand and dirt off my feet. Put on socks. Drank some electrolyte drink. Remembered to tie on a bandana for the sweat (I hate getting sweat in my eyes) and buckle my helmet.

The bike ride was fun. I passed people going uphill. That, my friends, was a thrill that I had not expected. I passed a woman I had met the night before (at the pre-race meeting) on the uphills and she leapfrogged past me on the downhills. I ended up finishing before her in the bike portion, but she passed me on the run. No surprise there.

The run went pretty much as I expected, which is to say ... slow. Quite slow.  I walked some of the uphills, but did it with no shame as I saw people who were in front of me also walking. It was so encouraging to see Coty at several points along the run course. He is the epitome of race spectators. He figures out just where to go and shows up oftener than you expect along the course with claps, cheers, words of encouragement, and coaching. "Drop your shoulders, sweetheart. You're looking great!" (which I don't really think I was at that point, but it was still nice to hear, and yes, I did drop my shoulders and try to relax the rest of the way to the finish).

After crossing the finish line and seeing Coty and Andrew, I burst into tears. Just. so. happy! Andrew had finished strong, running the 5k at the end faster than he expected. We talked about doing the TriLatta again next year or finding another race. I'm thinking about a race in the fall, perhaps. We'll see. Anyway, I'm so glad we did it, enjoyed it thoroughly, and want to continue doing triathlons as long as I'm able.

Just a few more yards to go. 
There's Coty in the red shirt behind me heading toward the finish line.

My triathlon partner moves to New York City next week. Though we haven't trained together, except for a few bike rides, it meant a lot to work toward the same goal with my son, Andrew. Hoping we'll both keep it up and compete in another race together before too long!

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