Monday, May 04, 2015

Sari Bari Quilt auction going on now ...

Click here if you want to bid on Kokata Meets Provence. Let me warn you that when I try to go to that link in Internet Explorer, it doesn't work. Chrome and Firefox seem to be fine, but in Explorer, I get a message that the quilt is unavailable. It is still there, but only til Wednesday. There's just one bid so far, so it's at a very low price for the quality and beauty of the quilt, if I do say so myself.  And forgive me, but I'm afraid I don't think the pictures on the auction site do the quilt justice.

There are many, many other gorgeous quilts being offered. Here's the link for the general auction site. Go buy a beautiful quilt and give hope to women who are being freed from the sex trade in India!

Round 2 of the auction should be online by this evening. Even more beautiful quilts, including Kandyce's.

Lots going on around here these days.  Make Welcome classes, quilt sewing, triathlon training, and a backyard project. More later, friends ...

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