Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Just the facts

Well, that was a bit of fun. I fooled at least two of my children and quite a few of you. Thanks for indulging my April Foolery. But now, here are the facts ...

-I do have RA. I do take Enbrel. I am very happy with how I feel since starting this medication last November. It has helped me a great deal. In fact, I feel good enough to train now. I didn't last summer. I was in bad shape, lots of pain, and as my rheumatologist told me, I'd forgotten what it felt like to not hurt all the time. It is a blessing to have my joints back. Whenever I see the ad with Phil, I feel like giving him a high-five. You go, Phil!

-I am training for the Tri Latta sprint triathlon in June. Excited, nervous, working hard to be ready for it. I firmly believe that the training helps my RA. Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain joint mobility. I feel so much better when I move and as the training effect increases, training harder, longer, and faster is also feeling better.

-No sponsorships ... though perhaps I should ask. Maybe Team Estrogen would like to outfit a Boomer athlete.

-The first and last paragraphs were true. I am 57 and training is not a walk in the park, but it is worth every. single. minute of gasping for breath on a long uphill, sporting sweaty, helmet head hair after a bike ride, and going into the grocery store looking like a raccoon with goggle impression lines on my face for an hour or so after a long swim. Worth it all. And, my friends, everything I said about Coty is absolutely true. He helps me keep going in so many ways. His encouragement and training wisdom are invaluable to me. I am incredibly thankful for this man.

Oh, and I do drink turmeric tea and massage arnica cream into my joints. Even though I take meds, deep down I'll always be crunchy, granola.

See you back here again soon.



O'Quilts said...

Pls tell me what Bari means in Sari a bet with a friend.
and your email?? I cannot find it...hugs DIane

Kathie said...

haha - you!

Seriously you are an inspiration to me Beth!! I'm taking a Pilate class from Kathleen and I'm SO sore. But I'm persevering and trying to keep up with the rest of the class. I'm the oldest in it and I feel it!

And now that the now is melting we can get outside for walks. It feels so good.

Now to catch up on your newest post.