Tuesday, October 14, 2014

About time

It's about time for me to stick my head in the door and say hello.  Really, it's way past time - poor neglected blog.  I do wonder if anyone is still out there reading.  If you are, thanks for bearing with me and checking back in from time to time.  I'm still here but my energies are spent in other places and ways than writing here.  Gone are the days, it seems, when I wanted to post a few times a week. The words come less easily these days, but who knows, maybe a change in the season will signal a change in my proclivity to write.

It has been, so far, a rather busy, eventful fall.  Erin, Clara, and Levi were here for three glorious weeks.  There was no rushing about to fit everything in.  We celebrated birthdays and swam every day til it got too chilly.  We went to the library and the playground.  We had family company two of the weekends. Clara practiced riding her bike, discovered Tinker Toys and Legos, and dressed up in her mom's old "ball gowns."  Levi clapped and waved and smiled and ate and ate and ate.  We read books and sewed, colored and cooked.  We went to the Raptor Center and the shoe store and ate frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog.

Three short days after Erin and the kids left, Coty and I hopped on a plane and headed to San Diego, where we attended a meeting/retreat of the Treasuring Christ Together network of church planters.  It was a sweet time of hearing stories of God's work, and getting to know these folks of whom I've heard so much.  In addition, we got to visit with our old friends, John and Helen, and meet their new baby girl, Ariel.  What a treat!

The second morning we were in San Diego, John picked Coty and me up before dawn and took us to La Jolla Cove for an open water swim.  I almost chickened out. The prospect of cold water on a chilly morning and swimming in the open water with seaweed and seals (!) gave me pause.  But thankfully, my adventurous side won out.  We arrived at the cove to the not so fragrant stench of seal and seabird excrement (sorry), walked the long flight of steps down to the gravelly beach, and stepped into the chilly waves.  There was nothing for it but to dive in and start swimming.  We couldn't see the quarter mile buoy when we started swimming, but after a few yards, the slight panic left and was replaced with wonder and excitement.  I'm actually doing this.  Wow!  I loved it the rest of the way and am so glad we went.  It's an experience I won't forget.  Thrilling, really.

This is where we started.  Right where that little person is standing ...

We swam out toward a buoy a quarter mile away, which we could barely see ...

 partway across the cove,

while seals and seabirds watched.

So very glad to have done this swim!

 Then after our breakfast meeting, we headed to the bay and the beach with a very fun group of TCT folks,

 for a paddleboard race between the San Diego and Charlotte pastors.

The old guys won in a photo finish! Yay for Coty and Fred!

And then a few of us women gave the paddleboards a try.

Then a block's walk to the beach for games and swimming and more refreshing conversation and fun.

What a sweet time with our TCT family.

On Thursday, Coty and I headed to Seattle ... but I'll save that for another day!

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