Monday, July 07, 2014

We climbed a mountain

Our last afternoon in Bolivia, we climbed the Devil's Molar.  Yes, it does look like a big, black tooth.  After we left the cobblestone roads in the city outskirts, we drove in 4-wheel drive up very twisty, one lane roads.  Our hike started at a little settlement ... a few small farms, a school ... and wound up a dirt road til we reached the base of the Molar.   It was a scramble, finding handholds in the jutting rocks, up the scree to reach the highest spot we could reach without technical gear.  And then, oh. my!  The views!  360 degrees of views of La Paz and the El Alto plateau and mountains all around and away in the distance, snow-capped Illimani.  Simply breathtaking!

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