Sunday, June 08, 2014

Wedding recap #5: And then we ate and told stories ...

The barbeque was delivered, the food heated, the tables all set ... the meal was all delicious and thoroughly enjoyed.

Matthew and Kailie had asked that we have a time at the dinner for guests to share stories or speak words of encouragement to them.  We opened up the floor after the eating slowed, and so many stood to speak.  All the siblings on both sides, so many friends, parents, grandparents.  A bit of "Thomas-foolery" - a poem written by Thomas on the back of his boarding pass as he flew to Denver that included words that described Matthew, shared by many who posted on a secret facebook page. Thomas is a master of these poems.  Funny, heartfelt, memorable.

There was laughter and tears.  Baby and childhood pictures of M and K were scattered on the tables and everyone walked around the room looking at pictures.

I had also made over 40 half square triangles from fabrics remaining from M and K's quilt.  They decorated the tables and during the evening all the guests signed them.  The blocks will be sewn together to make another smaller throw quilt for M and K with so many loving words from family and friends.

After the cobbler was served and the dinner come to a close, the guys were shooed out for an evening in front of an outdoor fire.  Again, Matthew's request.  Just time to relax and talk and be with his brothers, groomsmen, and a few friends.

All in all, the evening that was just what we wanted it to be - a sweet gathering of family and friends over good food with good conversation, and the warmth and joy of two special people being surrounded and celebrated by those that love them most!

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