Thursday, June 05, 2014

Wedding recap #1: A quilt, of course

I am home now from a wonderful, whirlwind, joy-filled week of wedding prep, celebration, and then a bit of post-wedding relaxation with family.  I looked forward to this wedding week for so long, thought about and prepared for it for months, and it seems a bit surreal that it has come and gone.  Let's relive it a little, bit by bit so I can savour it some more, shall we?

I'll start with the quilt.

I started making quilts before Jonathan and Kandyce got married.  They received this quilt, and Thomas received this one. Sorry, Erin and Luke, yours is coming ... a nice 10th anniversary present, perhaps.  (note: today is their 9th anniversary, so I've got a year!).

So, of course, I made a quilt for Matthew and Kailie.  It started with winning a group of squares as part of my quilt guilds block of the month way back in October.  The Solstice Star pattern in gray and aqua was a pattern and color combo that I loved and I decided way then that it would be the start of M and K's quilt.

Lots of chain piecing with those lovely blues and grays ...

and the quilt grew, square by square ...

I had some trouble with the border.  It started out as a wide orange border, which was too much.  The orange was cut down and with the help of Amber and Kay's eyes for design, it evolved into a much more detailed border of half-rectangle triangles in grays broken up by varying sizes of blue rectangles, all mirroring the fabrics in the quilt.  It will eventually be bound in orange.

We arrived in Denver on Tuesday and spent a lovely evening with Kailie's family, getting to know family members that we hadn't met yet.  Over Barry's delicious salmon with saffron cream dinner, Karen's Italian salad, and pie we laughed and told stories and made connections ...

and then it was time for giving the quilt ...

I think they like it.

The quilt came home with me to be quilted and bound, but it'll be back with them by the time Minneapolis winter comes!

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kkp said...

1: your quilt is gorgeous.

2: that salad was uh-MAZING.