Monday, May 12, 2014

Perfect, perfect day

My beautiful Mama

Lunch on the porch

My sister and mom


Mama and Daddy

The peonies ... blooming beautifully, just in time for a Mother's Day bouquet.

Thomas and Kay and grandchild #3!

I love afternoons like these.  Mama brings the barbecue and chips, Anne brings slaw and beans, I make desserts - lime cheesecake and chocolate pots, and we eat on paper plates and drink sweet tea and sit on the porch and talk and laugh and take pictures.  The boys go to play basketball, Joseph swims, girls nap, we talk more and nibble more and then the sun slants through the trees and it's time for everyone to head home.

It was a lovely, lovely Mother's Day and I'm thankful I got to spend it with my beautiful Mama and my sister, who is another beautiful, amazing mom.

I also got to talk to every one of my far flung children and their spouses, and to granddaughter, Clara,

Coty and I went for a slow bike ride in the evening.  Later, I gave Kay a foot rub and got to feel my next grandson kicking.

Perfect, perfect day.

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