Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In the interim ...

since I last wrote, spring has come and gone.  And come again.  And gone again.  The daffodils have bloomed in full force, faces to the sun, waving in warm breezes, and then bowed low under the weight of heavy, cold rain.

At least it's not snowing.  I expect those of you who have just received another several inches of snow are more than ready to see it melt away for good.  I know I would be.

Thankfully, Saturday was a gorgeous day, as warm and slightly windy as a mid-March day should be.  It was perfect for the ARTwalk in our town and the first sales booth experience for our women's sewing group, Make Welcome. We gathered our embellished towels, rice bag totes, fabric flower hair clips, and headbands; dug out and ironed bright orange sari fabric to cover our table; hastily printed pictures and made a sign for our table; and got it all organized in time for Saturday morning.

Julia and I took turns at the table and enjoyed a day of meeting people and telling them about Make Welcome.  We did pretty well selling, too.  It's exciting to see this venture begin to bear the fruit of some income returning to the women.  In addition, the day at the ARTwalk gave us some exposure and contacts with people who are interested both in volunteering and further purchases!

Today it's chilly and wet.  My in-laws, who have been here for Coty's birthday, are heading down the road. I have a messy sewing room and plenty of projects in the queue.  As soon as we say our good-byes, I'm making tea and settling myself in for a day at the machine.


Kathie said...

Lovely creations at your booth Beth. So glad for you, and for all the women, that things went well.

Hope you made great headway on your sewing projects. I've been watching Josie for 4 days - and my whole house will need some work when she heads to her other grandparents this afternoon.

Thanks for showing me the daffodils!

Cathy Daniel said...

Your booth looks lovely - I would have bought something if I'd been there! Love your blog - your singer sewing machine, your lovely window seat and the little fire, your gorgeous sampler bag, and all your snowy pictures, as we've not had any snow this winter for a change! xCathy