Saturday, January 04, 2014

Looking back: Last year's list

There are a number of ways of looking back at the last year.   Today, I re-read the list I made in early 2013 to see how my actual choices and activities lined up with what I proposed to do last year.   Did my thoughts about the year ahead line up with the reality of what 2013 became?  Of course, they didn't, because there was much I didn't anticipate and surprises along the way, both good and bad, that changed what I needed and wanted to do.  That's ok.  I need to roll with the changes sometimes.

There is also, however, my own lack of perseverance in some areas and lack of focus in others that kept me from realizing some of the goals I had set.  I get distracted or I forget or I don't take the necessary steps to translate a desire into habitual activity.  I expect I'll be working on that my whole life long.

So, here's the list from last year with a few comments ...

1.   Do another triathlon, preferably an open water tri which means ...
2.   Get back in training mode (swim twice a week, bike more, start running - not just walking - again.

No and no.  But I am not beating myself up too much about  not accomplishing these goals.  I had a very bum ankle much of the year and was discouraged for quite a while about being able to train.  I did swim some, bike some and walk some, but I was definitely not in training mode.  So far, in the first four days of this year, though, I've managed 2 bike rides, a nice long walk, and a swim.  That's moving in the right direction.

3.   Read through the Bible (haven't done this for several years.  I'll use this plan again).

Almost.  I got behind, but I'm on track to finish in a few weeks.

4a.  Finish the 3 quilts that are mostly pieced and ...
4b. Make 5 new ones - start to finish. (I already have fabric stashed for two of them!).

Yes and no.  Didn't make that many quilts, but I sure did handle a lot of quilts this year with the Sari Bari auction!

5.   Be devoted to prayer.

A goal for every year for the rest of my life.

6.   Rework the retaining wall garden and replace sun plants with more shade lovers.
7.   Plant a flower (cutting) garden from seed.

Ah, the garden.  Rather neglected this year.  Quilts got more attention.  I've moved my compost bin.  I'm hoping to get some trees cut back to get a bit more sun in this space.  

8.   Read 40 books.

Yes!  I read 41.

9.   Get away with Coty more.

We took two mini-retreats together.  Looking forward to doing that again this year.

10.  Read more poetry.   Yes.

11. Write letters to my children.   No.

12.  Spend more time with my extended family.   Yes.

13.  Get to know our Burmese refugee friends better.   Yes.

14.  Learn to use my serger.   I made a start.  I learned how to thread it and then a needle broke and I never got back to it!

15.  Work on core strength.  Some

16.  Learn about photography and get a new camera.

I got a new camera.  I started playing around with it and learning.   I've got some great websites with tutorials for beginners to get me going this year.

17.  Go camping. No

18.  Learn machine quilting.  Not yet.

19.  Memorize our church's weekly scripture selections.  Sometimes

20.  Go to Denver, Cary, Hoosick Falls!  And the Outer Banks.  Never been there.   Yes, to the first three.  Will 2014 be the year to go to the Outer Banks???

21.  Celebrate DGCC's 10th anniversary.  Whoa, really???  Already???   Yes, we did and it was wonderful.

That's it.  A mixed bag of yes's and no's.  I'm still working on this year's list, but before I get to that, I'm want to highlight some of last year's favorites.

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