Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Levi

Goodness, little man.  You took your time and when you came, it was mighty dramatic!  A 4:30AM phone call after a sleepless night (because we knew your mama was laboring with you) and the news that things didn't go exactly according to plan and could we please come ASAP.  Which, after driving 13 hours, we did ...

But you're here.  And you're healthy.  And your mama's healing.  And that's really all that matters, you calm, sweet, beautiful baby.  You have, of course, completely stolen our hearts, all whopping, baby-soft, kissable 10 pounds, 5 ounces of you.

Where do I start?  It's a year of praise and so I extol:

The Midwives for...
-their compassionate, personal care
-embracing birth as a natural part of life which doesn't usually need to be a medical event
-their recognition that women usually know their own bodies better than anyone
-their skill in managing labor
-their discernment when things began to not go according to plan
-their wisdom in listening to the mama in their care
-their decisive action in deciding to transfer
-their faithfulness to stay long hours and step back in with tender care for mama and newborn

The Doctor for ...
-his thoughtful, deliberate, care
-his skill in handling a difficult situation
-his willingness to listen and do what a mama in difficult labor wanted
-his kind follow-up
-his very detailed notes that shed light on just what happened

My beautiful, strong daughter for ...
-educating herself way more than most people about pregnancy, labor, and birth
-keeping herself incredibly healthy through a challenging pregnancy
-persevering through the trials of a surprise late-term cross-country move and
-settling in and preparing well for this new one's arrival
-listening to her body
-dealing with a change of plans and a lot of pain without complaint
-focusing on what's important - healthy baby, healthy mom
-deeply, sweetly loving her children with wisdom, patience, calm, and grace


tonia said...

He's so gorgeous!! So gorgeous! Do I see a little of Coty in that face?

Congratulations grandma. I'm rejoicing with you.

beth said...

t, he is so sweet and cute. He looks so much like Clara did when she was born and I always thought she looked like baby Erin but lots of people think she looks like Luke ... has his eyes, I think. But, if you see Coty, I'm sure he'll be happy to claim the resemblance!

Missy K said...

What a wonderful boy, and a list of blessings! Much love to you all!

Amber Benton said...

So so beautiful!