Saturday, December 21, 2013


Our big kids have started arriving.  Joel, Thursday a week ago.  Matthew this Wednesday for a few days before he heads to Colorado to be with Kailie and her family for the rest of the break.  Thomas and Kay last night.  Jonathan and Kandyce on their way now, flying across the country.  They'll be in late tonight.  And Andrew, who lives in town, will stay over here while everybody else is around.  The house is filling.

We're awaiting another arrival.  Grandbaby #2 ... a grandson ... is due just any time now.  Officially, his due date is December 27th, Thomas's birthday, but I'm sure Erin would be happy if he decided to arrive a little sooner.

Packages arrive on the porch.  Christmas cards in the mail.

Yesterday, a card from a friend in Massachusetts came.  She lives in the town where we used to live, goes to the library where we were regulars.  Among other sweet greetings, it said this,
"I just checked out Becky's Christmas (Tasha Tudor) from the library to read to Annie.  I'm very glad for the computerized library system, but I also smile to see that the Pinckneys checked out that book every year from 1994-1998."
Indeed we did!  I kept my eyes open like a hawk when we went to the library around the holidays and as soon as the Christmas books were put out, I swooped in and checked out Becky's Christmas.  It must have been 1999 that Coty found a used copy for me, because I've never stopped reading it ... I just have my own copy now.

This week, I panicked for a few hours when I couldn't find our Christmas books.  There aren't many.  A Newberry collection, Becky, and a few others.  Sometimes I wished I'd collected more and I've started finding one special book each Christmas for Clara.  But though they are few, our books are special.  I've moved bookshelves and books around this year, rearranging, reorganizing this nest that is more empty than full these days and I had moved the books from their accustomed spot.  I finally found them, and the very next day began reading Becky's Christmas on skype to Clara.

If I can't be there to sit beside her on the sofa and read the book together, skype will do.  We'll read it slowly, a few pages at a time.  There is something so very simple and peaceful about that book.  In the midst of what can be a very busy time, just reading a few sentences from Becky's Christmas slows me down.

Thanks, MB, for your very sweet note ... I'm so glad to know another family in enjoying one of our old favorites!


Bonnie said...

Merry Christmas and Congratulations on the soon arrival of a grandson! I have my first born on Christmas Eve!! Love Becky's Christmas.

Heidi said...

I grew up reading my mom's copy of Becky's Birthday. I didn't know there was another book about Becky!

What are your favorite children's Christmas books? I am working on building a collection for my children and would like recommendations.