Monday, November 04, 2013

More thanks

I continue to be grateful for the many people who are helping this year to let folks know about the Sari Bari Quilt Auction and Raffle.

Thanks to Lindsay at Craft Buds and to Katie at Sew Katie Did for alerting your readers to this wonderful and worthy event.

Bidding is underway and raffle tickets are being sold.  I hope, friends, that you will take some time to look over the quilts and bid on your favorite or purchase a raffle ticket.  All proceeds from the auction will go toward:
-purchasing a property in the Kalighat red light area of Kolkata so Sari Bari can employ more women, thereby giving them the opportunity to escape a life in the sex trade.
-opening a second prevention unit in 2014 in an area that is notorious for trafficking young girls and women into the sex trade.
-training at least 50 more women who are waiting to choose freedom

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