Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Sari Bari Quilt Auction Preview is Up!

Update:  The Sari Bari 2013 Auction and Raffle have begun.  Please make a little cup of tea and sit down for 4 minutes to gaze at these gorgeous quilts!  Then go make a bid or buy a raffle ticket (or ten or twelve!)

Auction page here, Raffle pages here.

Photo credits: Kay Pinckney, Amber Benton, and yours truly!  With huge, huge thanks to Chandra Ozment for the use of her beautiful farm for our photoshoot location and Annette Conrad, Carla Stout, and Andrea Cunningham for props and encouragement!

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tonia said...

These are INCREDIBLE, b! I can't believe how beautiful! And I love, love the one you made. So amazing. Good work, sister!