Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Quilt paparazzi

That's what Kay, Amber and I were today.  We spent this entire glorious fall day at the Ozment farm taking pictures of sari quilts.  Tonight I am bone tired!  That's a lot of work, people.  But also a whole, whole lot of fun.  

Lots of moving props around, climbing up and down step ladders, unfolding and refolding quilts, arranging pillows, cowboy boots, nightstands, lamps, candles, flowers, plants, chairs, dolls, lanterns, books, and more as we styled the shots.

I loved working with Kay, Amber, and Chandra.  Each woman brought her personality, creative flair, and design sense to the day.

We've got more to do tomorrow, but after today we have a better understanding of our setting, lighting, and shot possibilities.

Kay styling a shot

The wind picked up so we had to use clothespins to hold the quilt on the bed.

Lots of up and down steplaadders.

Our system for keeping quilts organized - finished quilts in the front, quilts yet to shoot in the back.

Love my d-i-l, Kay.  She's a trip!

It was a great day, y'all.  

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Bonnie said...

gorgeous... and the Lord blessed the weather.