Thursday, October 10, 2013

Needle and ThREAD #29 in which many, many fabric related happenings ... happen

Happening #1:  Our Sari quilt gets bound

Some people think I am crazy.  Others totally understand this love of hand sewing the binding on a quilt.  I dearly love doing this final task by hand, putting in the tiny stitches to secure the binding to the back of the quilt, moving slowly around it until I finally meet up with my starting place and the quilt is done!  I am very happy with the green sari fabric we used to bind this one.  Just perfect!

Happening #2:  Our refugee sewing class continued this week with a new student.

 She had never sewn before and went from learning how to thread the machine and control the speed with the foot pedal to sewing and then wearing her first headband!  (Thank you, Elizabeth!)

After three weeks of work, M finished this little quilt.  It is backed with a waterproof fabric and can be used as a changing pad.  More of these to come!

Happening #3: The Sari Bari 2013 Quilt Auction photoshoot 

in which ...

Kay goes to great heights to get just the right shot ...

and I apparently need someone to hand me some scissors (they did).

Wow!  I have never done anything quite like that photoshoot before.  It look us 9 nine hours the first day and 5 hours the second day, not counting all the time after the shooting was done to take everything down, load up the car with 40 quilts, unload the 40 quilts at home, and then go to load up all the props and deliver them to the gracious people who loaned them to us.  When I finally got home this afternoon, I did not want to move.  I'm quite sure I will sleep really, really well tonight.

I'm so very thankful for my hard-working, creative, generous friends and daughter-in-love, Kay, who graciously gave of their time, talents, and energy to pull off this photoshoot.  I could NOT have done it without them.  

I can't wait to show you the pictures.  Once they're up on the Sari Bari auction site, I'll give you the link.

Reading this week - which has not happened except for a very few minutes before I sack out at night ...

Little Daughter by Zoya Phan.  Continuing this memoir of a Burmese refugee woman ...


The Language of Sparrows by Rachel Phifer, a first novel, recommended by Pen Wilcock, author of the Hawk and Dove series, which I love.

That's all.  Now I'm taking my photoshoot weary self to bed.  Good night.

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Elizabeth Foss said...

Yay for the headbands! And I love the binding on that quilt--just perfect. It's so much fun to see all your projects and feel the happy energy you put into them.