Thursday, October 03, 2013

Needle and ThREAD #28: And now the binding

I must start off this post with a great big shout out to the amazing woman that has long-arm quilted all of my major quilt projects, Rebecca Verrier-Watt of The Quilter's Station. An award winning quilter, this woman is amazing!  I took our finished quilt top and back to her on Sunday.  She said she'd have it done sometime next week.  She called me yesterday to tell me it's done.  Yep, she's amazing and with all of this sari quilt sewing, she has been so generous with her time and labor.  Thank you, thank you Rebecca.

So, now that it's quilted, I've got binding strips to sew and several hours of hand sewing ahead of me this weekend.  I'll be listening to talks from the 2013 Desiring God Conference on C.S. Lewis while I sew.  The question for this morning is which fabric to use for the binding ...

I'm leaning strongly toward the one on the right, using the areas of the fabric with more green.

In addition to finishing the sari quilt, I've been working on some smaller squares.  These are part of Block in a Bag Swap and Block of the Month projects for my guild.  I am finding that participating in these small projects is a great way to learn and practice new techniques, like the ones I mentioned last week.  Using other people's fabric choices, as we had to do for this month's BOM and as we do each month with the swap, gives me the chance to explore and play with color without committing myself to large fabric purchases.  I am learning so much!

Block of the Month for October
Two Colors Star from Fresh Lemons

Reading this week:

Little Daughter by Zoya Phan, a memoir of a young Karen refugee woman from Burma.

Now back to the cutting table to work on those binding strips.  Happy Thursday, everybody!

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Elizabeth Foss said...

Wow! What a treasure trove the links to the C. S. Lewis conference is. I'm so excited to listen to these. The sari quilts are just so beautiful. I love watching this movement unfold. Thanks, as always, for the wisdom and grace you bring to needle & thREAD every week.

Kathie said...

Such beautiful colors and patterns Beth!

And thanks for the link to the C. S. Lewis conference - I'll enjoy that.