Monday, September 23, 2013

Doing what I love today

Well, I love doing many things, but today's work is sewing - finishing the quilt top for this year's Sari Bari quilt.  

I'm particularly happy to have a big design wall today.  It makes putting it all together so much easier.

We were not so sure about this quilt back when we got our saris, but I'm loving how this has all come together.

And here's a sneak peak at some of the other quilts that will be auctioned off in November.  

I have the happy job of receiving, photographing, and then eventually sending the quilts out to their new owners.  Wow!  There are some gorgeous quilts that have come already!  Please do stay tuned and join us for the auction and raffle, November 1-10.  


tonia said...

Oh my! I love, love that strip quilt! So pretty!!!

sewkatiedid said...

Oh fun! A friend in Japan just sent me a bunch of kimonos and this would be fun to do with them.