Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Back to the garden

I read a few "back to school" posts yesterday and I must say, I didn't feel the least big nostalgic for sharpened pencils or lesson plans.  I did love homeschooling. I did love the feeling of a fresh start each year, the anticipation of new ideas and books, a new time period in history, and read-alouds and so much more. But though I miss my children, I am not missing schooling.  Not now.  25 years was quite long enough, thank you.  And there are a great many other things to do now.

Like ... my garden.  Instead of "back to school", it's been "back to the garden" for the last few days.  Not a weed had been pulled all summer and with all the rain we've had, they were super abundant.  I spent a few days "moving at the speed of love," pulling masses of weeds, getting reacquainted with the hostas and begonias, the ferns and epimedium, rerouting a path, moving a perennial or two, noticing the signs of a change in the season, mulching, fluffing, watering.

Epimedium beginning to turn ...

Lots of baby ferns ...

Beauty berries purpling ...

 I took no "before" pictures.  You will have to believe me that it was a mess.


And now, it feels peaceful and restful. It is green, lush, and lovely.  In the front.

The back garden is another story.

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