Thursday, August 29, 2013

The next generation

My extended family on Coty's side are mostly in the northern Virginia/Maryland area, so Erin, Clara, and I made a trip there this week to see them before Erin headed back to Montana.

There's a new generation now.  The two great grandchildren, Clara and Lilah, met each other and Clara got a little big sister practice.

One late afternoon when Erin was resting, I let Clara pick a movie from Grammie's vast stock of VHS tapes.  She chose Lady and the Tramp and while she was watching, it occurred to me that at about the same age, Erin had likely sat in the same spot and watched the exact movie.  When Erin woke up, she joined Clara.

The next day, we got together at a park with friends.  We've known Archer since his mom, Mary, and I became friends years ago in New England.  Now he and Kimberley (who met in our house in the summer of 2003!) have three girls and live in northern Virginia.  Watching Clara and the Batcheller girls play on the playground reminded me of many days, oh about 27 years ago, when I took Erin, as a little girl to that same park.

Lots of nostalgic moments on this trip and also many moments of deep thankfulness for long friendships and family connections that span the generations.

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