Tuesday, July 09, 2013


I have become enamored of daylillies. 

The garden above is not mine.  I wish it was.  It's so well kept and lovely.  It belongs to a neighbor of my parents' down near Greenville, SC.  I've passed it and admired it for years on walks in Mama and Daddy's neighborhood.

Recently, my mom got more acquainted with Mr. Pratt.  Last week, we visited him so that I could see his daylilies and learn about his cultivation and propagation methods.  When told it was not possible to grow daylilies from the seed in his garden a few years ago, Mr. Pratt decided to give it a go.  Not only did he succeed in growing the flowers from seed from his plants, he also began cross-breeding his daylilies to create new varieities.

Like most people with an avocation they love, Mr. Pratt is happy to talk about what he does.  I learned so much.  And thanks to my mom, I came home with several new varieties of daylilies.  There is a bit of garden re-working ahead ...

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Kathie said...

Sp pretty Beth! I have some in my garden too and they are lovely bloomers.