Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Montana #1

I am sitting in the main room of the cabin. The only sounds are the sighing  of a gentle wind through the pines outside and the ticking of the clock.

We left Denver early this morning, rousing Jonathan for good-byes and stopping at Kandyce's Starbucks for free coffee (thanks, K!).  We made good time through Colorado and Wyoming, stopping for a long lunch break and stroll down Main St.  in Sheridan. Luke could happily have spent a couple of hours in King Ropes, but we journeyed on.  We made it to Billings by late afternoon and did a grocery stop before leaving civilization, as most of you readers know it.

It is hard for me to describe this country. Yes, the sky is big.  The landscape is rugged and stark in places, almost lush (for now, thanks to good rains) in others. There are buttes, plateaus, and massive rock outcrops; flat expanses and rolling country; deeply cut gullies and wide, wide vistas. It is beautiful in a way that is so different from our  verdant Carolina piedmont woodlands. It makes me feel small, exposed, and eager; ready to walk and drink in the bigness.

I know that with my little companion, Clara, I will also see the small things. Rocks, tiny flowers, and bugs.  I am looking forward to seeing this place through her very observant eyes.

Tomorrow morning, I'll sit on the porch, drink coffee, and read in the early morning quiet.  A familiar routine in a very different setting.

Tonight, I feel incredibly grateful for the gift of this trip. So much has happened already. Time with Jonathan and Kandyce, holding a Congolese refugee mother's newborn, delivering baby items with Kandyce, seeing a part of Denver I really hadn't seen before; a nephew's wedding and sweet extended family time; just hanging out at the apartment with my two oldest children and their spouses and one very engaging and funny granddaughter.

Will I have pictures?  Maybe ... but I won't promise any while I'm here.  I may not even post another blog entry til I get home. We'll see.  I mostly just want to BE here, and for now, to crawl under the covers and listen to the quiet.


Lisa said...

Sounds restful and amazing. Enjoy your time.

Kathie said...

I can "see" it through your words! Drink it all in and enjoy every minute!