Saturday, June 01, 2013


The last couple of days, our kitchen has been a bakery.  I rarely bake bread these days because 1) I am eating a lot less wheat and a lot fewer baked goods, period and 2) there are only 3 of us at home anymore and it would take us forever to eat the amount of bread I am used to mixing in my Magic Mill.  I haven't learned to make just one loaf.  Perhaps I should work on that.

Anyway, I was asked to bake bread for a wedding dinner this weekend, so yesterday and today, the Magic Mill was busy and my house smelled incredible.

Yesterday, I made two batches of my grandmother's rolls.  I have her original handwritten recipe, framed on my kitchen wall.  Mom (my grandmother's name) made these rolls every week and kept them in her freezer. She served them at every meal.  They are made with All Bran cereal, Crisco, and oleo (you all know what that is?) and the dough is placed in a "covered vessel" to rise in the refrigerator.  I love the wording of that old recipe.  I should have taken a picture of it to show you.  Maybe later ...

Today, I baked whole wheat rosemary Vienna loaves (no photos) and then moved on to challah. 8 loaves of each!

The challah dough is very pliable.  After braiding, I brushed it with an egg wash (that's why those loaves are so shiny).  Just before baking, I sprinkled poppy seeds on the top.

Goodness, they're pretty! 
Can't wait to share them with the happy couple and assembled guests on Sunday.

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Laura A said...

Ooooh! Challah! Well, now that brings back some memories of New York City, when we used to buy it on Fridays at Silver Moon on 106th and B'way, and when Sarie taught herself to make it one summer. We;d grab out big chunks of braid, because it just seemed to taste better that way than when sliced.

Your challah loaves are just gorgeous! Hope they were much appreciated.