Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There really is nothing in the world ...

... like a long-time best friend.  A real, honest to goodness BFF.

One who's known you longer than your husband, longer than anybody around but your parents and siblings.

One who remembers the dates of all your children's births and lots more about them besides.

One with whom you can talk and talk and talk for two days straight and not be done.

One with whom it really doesn't matter how much time has passed.  You just pick right up.

That's my friend, Teresa.

We've known each other since we were the new girls in 9th grade.  That's a long time.

I sure do wish we didn't live so far apart and I am sure am thankful for the time we had together last week.  Despite the sad event that brought her to the east coast, we rejoiced to have a couple of very full, very precious days together last week.  Such a gift.


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