Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quilt design thoughts

One of the things I love about making a quilt with other women is corroborating on the design.  Last year, I had made most of the early decisions regarding color and pattern, but when it came to putting it all together, it was definitely an artistic collaboration.  I was happy at that point to listen a lot to the ideas and suggestions of my talented friends, most of whom have way more design sense than me.

This year, I asked them ahead of time for thoughts on color choice.  As you heard, we didn't really get what we were expecting, but it's already been fun spreading sarees across Amber's clean porch floor, to scrutinize colors and patterns together, to see what changes when you move one saree out of the bunch and replace it with another of a completely different color.  And fun the other day to pull them out and show them to Carla, to see if her thoughts meshed with what Amber and I were playing with or went in a completely different and wonderful direction.

I love the creative energy of these women.  They inspire me and push me to try things I might not have thought of.  A splash of orange amidst the green, the possibility of altering the color of one saree by bleaching.  It's going to be interesting, the saree quilt making this summer.  I can't wait to see what we come up with.

Looking at other's ideas jumpstarts my own, at times.  Right now, we are all loving Modern Minimal and thinking that though Alissa Haight Carlson's designs are mostly based on solids, the colors and busy-ness of our prints would lend themselves well to a simple design.

But then there's this quilt that uses larger blocks and strips.  There's that orange.

What we end up doing will reflect the individual talents, sensibilities, aesthetics, and skill of the women that work together to make this quilt.  This morning while I was thinking about that, I clicked over to the Sari Bari website to remind myself of why we are making the quilt this year.  It's for these women,, women who have been offered the chance to leave a life of degradation in the sex trade and step into a life of freedom and dignity through the community of the Sari Bari sewing business.  To read more about the history of their work, go here.

We're hoping to have a little quilt design pow-wow next week and make some decisions, so we can begin cutting and stitching.  I'm eager to get going.  Eager to see this year's quilt ideas become a tangible piece of useful beauty.

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