Thursday, April 18, 2013

Needle and ThREAD #22

My Mama's 80th birthday quilt is done!  I took it to her last week.

 It's big! 
Maybe that's why it took me so long!

A little detail of the front.  I just love these red, greens, and yellows together and I'm very glad my design guru, Amber, told me to move the red diamonds to the centers

Here's the back.  Thank you, Mary Jo's for carrying 
110 inch quilt backing in just the right red for this quilt!

Detail of the quilting, which shows up beautifully on the back.  Rebecca suggested a creamy thread with just a hint of yellow that looks so pretty on both front and back.

And here it is on the bed.  I just love those pieced borders and the little bit of deeper contrast 
of the binding.  Happy sigh.  

And then, because it's really and truly spring in all it's glory here right now, it was time for a new wreath.  Made just like the Christmas one ... no needle or thread required.

It needs a little more embellishing, I think.  Maybe a few bits of ribbon or some scrap fabric flowers.  So it will be appropriately gussied up like this ...

spring birdie with a necklace!

There's more sewing going on ...

Yesterday I worked hard on the soccer quilt and have almost finished piecing the top.  

Rows of blocks on the design wall to be sewn together, today!

See - soccer fabric.  Sorry, it's blurry.  Soccer themed fabric that is not blue or red is hard to find.

and a messy cutting table.  That means work is being done, right!

While working, last week and this, I have enjoyed watching The Great British Sewing Bee.  Thanks to Diane for cluing me in on this show.  It's so fun, if you are a sewing nerd like me.  Episode 1, 2, and 3 are up now.

I also watched several of the QuiltCon 2013 lectures which are free online at Craftsy.  Lots of inspiration for designing from the world around you, working with color, and more.  

And reading.  Yes, there's time for reading and the best place for it now is on the porch.

While visiting my parents, we checked out this wonderful used bookstore, Bookquest.  Diane's collection of Tasha Tudor books, some of them first editions, signed by the author, was extensive.  I was thrilled.  I came home with a copy of The Art of Tasha Tudor by Harry Davis, which I'm reading in the evenings, and complements of my mom, a very well cared for 2nd edition of Becky's Birthday I've already read it over skype to Clara.  Just delightful.

I brought home a short stack from the library the other day and have already finished This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow.  Now, I'm itching to get out in the garden and grow more food!

I also brought home:
Material Obsession - lovely eye candy and quilt inspiration.  I've perused but not read it yet.  
Shade: Ideas and inspiration for shady gardens by Keith Wiley, cause I have a whole lotta shade at my place 
The Landscape Makeover Book: How to Bring New Life to an Old Yard by Sara Jane von Trapp.  But then if I do what Joan Dye Gussow did and turn all my yard into food production, I won't need this book!  The problem is, as I said, I have a whole lotta shade, so I don't think the food garden idea is really feasible.  

I am still reading:
Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard, with friends and 
Jayber Crow, by Wendell Berry, with other friends

Time to sew some rows of quilt blocks together and then get outside and get my hands dirty in the garden.

Happy Thursday, all!


Susan said...

You have one lucky Mama, Beth. That is a beautiful quilt. (You get so much done!) Also, I had to pipe up and say that I really loved reading This Organic Life way back about ten years ago or so. It was inspiring and sad and a bunch of things at once. Can't wait to have a yard again so I can grow some of my own food!

Blessings to you!

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous quilt for your mother. I love the design on the back. Great book titles. Thanks.

Kathie said...

Such a gorgeous quilt Beth! And a lot of love sewn in every stitch. :)

OH wouldn't I love to spend some time at the bookstore with you! Tasha Tudor is one of favourite writers. I've read The Art of Tasha Tudor but not Becky's Birthday. I'll have to see if our library has it.

A beautiful day up here - sunshiny, birds singing - spring finally has arrived!


Wombmama said...

Oh my goodness! The quilt is beautiful!!