Monday, April 01, 2013

Journeys: #1

I went to Denver for a week to visit the western branch of the Pinckney clan.  I stayed with Jonathan and Kandyce for 5 of the 7 nights.  I got to attend Kandyce's art therapy class for refugee women twice, walk around Denver University where Jonathan is in graduate school, sew canvas bags for the refugee women with K, and ...

... one evening, we cooked some pretty amazing middle eastern food from this cookbook.

A weekend snowstorm didn't change our plans at all.  It just made the landscape more beautiful.  

I spent 2 nights with Kailie's family and had lots of great time with these two.

On a gloriously sunny Monday morning, Matthew and I went out for breakfast and hiked up to the Castle Rock.  That afternoon, Kandyce, Kailie, and I went thrift store shopping.  I love hanging out with those two!

On Tuesday, all five of us spent the day together. Kailie and I joined Kandyce again for the art therapy class which included printing on the canvas bags we'd sewn for the women.

Then lunch all together at Snooze and a nice loooong walk around Washington Park, where a running snowball fight ensued...

I'm so very thankful for these grown up young men of mine, and a wonderful daughter-in-law and M's special sweetheart that are both gems.  Just wish they weren't so far away!

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