Sunday, March 10, 2013

The porch ...

is tidied and ready for the spring.  I spent a warm Sunday afternoon sweeping, cleaning, moving furniture (with help), rearranging, "fluffing", getting it ready for days and evenings of porch time.

For a couple of weeks, the porch was piled high with furniture taken out of the house while the floor work was going on.  Some of that furniture was moved back inside, some has been relegated to the garage for the time being and will NOT reappear in our house.

One piece has been given porch status.  It is an old recliner, one of the first pieces of furniture Coty and I purchased for the very first house we bought in Virginia, long, long ago.  It's been with us through six children and two moves.  It has burn scars and stains, but it's still in good shape and I'm just not ready to part with it.  When Joel saw it on the porch this afternoon, he approved.  I said, "It's not really a porch chair."  He said, "That 's a good chair for sitting and reading.  I'm glad it's on the porch."

I expect we will use it and love it on the porch for a good long while.  So many memories connected to that little mauve recliner.  

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