Monday, March 04, 2013

Moving (no, not us)

Well, now ... just like that, my faraway daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter are moving even farther away!

Only it's not really "just like that."

They've been thinking, praying, looking, talking, dreaming for several years now, and at long last, the right opportunity has come.  But it does feel pretty sudden to us.  And they are packing up and leaving in a few short weeks.

To this place ...

Pretty, huh?!

And how about a little house at the end of the rainbow?

There is no cell phone service where they're going but there is high speed internet.  Go figure.  That means Clara and I can continue our skype story times just fine.  And I'm pretty excited about visiting them.

Though I am tempted to moan and complain about how far away they are going, I simply cannot.  For one thing, when Coty and I were young, we left the country.  We had the audacity to bear the first grandchild (Erin) on both sides of the family in Kenya, for goodness sakes.  And we didn't bring her back to the US til she was 15 months old.  So, at least they're not leaving the continent.

For another thing, I am intensely happy for my son-in-law, for whom this move is something of a dream come true.  He's a Montana cowboy.  We've known that since the first day we met him in, of all places, the country of Cameroon. (Yes, that's in Africa.  It's an interesting story).  Now, he gets to really be day to day, in where he resides and what he does, what he is in his heart.

To me, that sounds like a description of heaven.  The place where we get to be, finally, who we really, really are on the inside.  We'll not go into theology more now and of course, I know that Winnet, Montana is not heaven, but I simply cannot be unhappy about them going far away when I know it is the goal of much longing and the answer to much prayer.  Yes, a bit of a dream come true.

Erin said long ago she didn't want to be a ranch wife.  That's all changed now, and I can't think of anyone better suited to this pioneering adventure than she is.  She's strong, resourceful, uncomplaining, hard-working.  She doesn't scare easily.  She can live simply and figure out what she needs to know.  She'll do just fine.

And Clara.  Well, I guess I'll have a real cowgirl for a granddaughter.  Maybe it's time Gramma started riding lessons!


Kathie said...

Always wanted to be a cowgirl myself! If you can master the hula hoop plus hand weights then I think you can handle a horse and maybe a lasso too! :) xo

Laura A said...

Wow, just gorgeous! I think I'd go spend some extended time out there with them ;-).

Bonnie said...

My heart ached a bit for you.
Well, here is a book for him: American Masculine by Shann Ray. This author was at IAM in NYC in late Feb. Stories of Montana:

You will be blessed by the Big Sky Country.