Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tetra pouches

Some people call them samosa pouches, after the little triangular Indian pastries; some people call them pyramid pouches; my husband calls them tetrahedrons.  They remind me of the UHT milk containers we used to get when we lived in Kenya.

Whatever, they are fun to sew.  These are what I was working on the day of the fabric bomb.  I spent an hour or so happily piecing the 7 1/2" square quilted sections using scraps from our summer quilt making.  After getting the hang of the construction on the first one, the others were easy.

And how about some more of that bird fabric?!  You'll be seeing it til it's all gone.

Made up into a tetra pouch and tote set.  Yes, please.

Now tell me, because I really want to know.  Would you use something like this set?  Would the pouch be helpful for keeping your keys, a small wallet, and phone  - making it easy to find instead of lost in the depths of the tote, and then easy to slip over your wrist to carry into the store without taking the whole tote?  What do you think?


*the tote is 18"wide and 15" tall with about a 3"wide bottom.  The pouch is 7" tall.


Missy K said...

Beth-- such a clever set-- and that bird fabric is amazing! I love what you are up to in your new sewing room!

Peg said...

I like the second one ;) how much are they?? You are so creative Beth!!!

kkp said...

yes, yes i would! i have a few little pouches, which currently contain: iPod + accouterments, travel sewing kit, change. it helps me keep together things that should be together (ipod + headphones, etc), and keep me from searching my bag for several things instead of just one. :)

Anonymous said...

I love them! They are perfect! The pouch to hold keys, phone and wallet to carry into a store and to keep them from getting lost in the tote!
Are you selling them? I'm interested

Sharon M :-)