Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little get-away

Coty and I had scheduled a little retreat far in advance of the decision to do the floors.  But the fact that the big mess days for the floor work were the days we were going to be away was pretty good timing.  When I arrived home today, Ben, our friend and wonderful floor man, said I was back too early. He told me to stay away for another week.  Not to be. We just had two days away, but they were two very relaxing, enjoyable, restful, refreshing days.

The view from the mountain house

We have decided that we want to come back here in August to watch the Perseid meteor shower across this expanse of sky with so few artificial lights in the vicinity!

Coty's goal - read Martin Lloyd Jones' sermons on Matthew 5 and 6.  That's 44 sermons. He did it.  I sat in the other cushy chair in front of the fire and finished two books, caught up with my Bible reading, finished a chapter in another book, and knitted.  

But we didn't just sit! On Tuesday afternoon, Coty went for a long bike ride.  There are some great routes on the country roads around Asheboro.  A bit hilly, but not much traveled and quite lovely.   While he was cycling, I visited the antique mall in town.

I have a bum ankle right now so hill walking and cycling are out.  Kathie introduced me to the weighted hula hoop and I decided to add the 5 pound dumbbells for a fun workout.  Pretty nice view behind me there.  Actually, most of the time I hula hooped looking across the valley to the ridges beyond.  

Some very generous people donated the funds to build the Powell/Warren Mountain house at camp. It is very pretty, very quiet, and very simple. It has a metal roof and I awoke during the night to the peaceful sound of rain on the roof.

The house was built specifically for pastors and their wives to use as a retreat house.  We are so grateful to these folks and to the Caraway staff for their gracious hospitality.

And though we came home to a mess, it's a happy mess!


Kathie said...

What a lovely place for a retreat - and what a gift for pastors and their wives! I've felt the need for a wee break myself the last few weeks. I've noticed everyone is irritating me a bit :) so methinks I might be the problem!!

You're a whiz with that hula hoop and weights - I'm very impressed. Sorry your ankle is sore though - hope it's better soon!


Lisa said...

Glad you had a nice time away! Sounds so very relaxing... Love you guys!

Laura A said...

Sorry about the bum ankle, but that hula hoop picture is great!