Thursday, January 17, 2013

Needle and ThREAD #18

Last night, I took the long arm quilting class at my local quilt shop, We're Sew Creative.  Jennifer spent four and a half hours with the three of us in the class and led us step by step through everything we need to know to use the long arm quilt machine in the shop.

We learned how to pin on the zippers that enable the quilt to be zipped right onto the leaders on the machine.

How to attach the quilt to the machine using the zippers

How to get it centered and carefully "loaded" onto the rollers.

How to thread the bobbin and the machine correctly.  So important.

And then, once we'd done all that prep work, we got to play with free motion quilting.  Jennifer used this particular fabric so we could practice by tracing around a design element.  You touch the start button on the handle and once you begin to move the machine by the "handlebars," it starts to sew.  It sews at the speed you move the machine.  It can go really fast!

 After exploring free motion, we learned about using the computer driven designs.  We practiced choosing and scaling designs, setting parameters for the placement, and figuring out how to make changes to our inputs.  Pretty complicated and a steep learning curve.

But now that I have taken the class, I can rent the machine in the shop and do my own long arm quilting (with Jennifer there to help, if I need it, which I expect I will!)  Pretty excited to have another go on the long arm quilter soon -  before I forget everything I learned!

Still working through last week's books and adding poetry in the evening from my old college copy of the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry.

needle and thREAD

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Laura A said...

Wow, I've never seen anything like this! I started to read the post because I loved the look of the fabric and kept reading because of your pleasure of learning a new skill. You are becoming quite accomplished!