Thursday, January 10, 2013

Needle and ThREAD #17

Matthew left Tuesday, the tree is coming down today, so I guess that means the holidays are officially over.

I haven't done much sewing lately, but with the holidays over and studio finished (mostly), I'm getting back into a sewing rhythm.

My mom's quilt is coming along.  I'm sewing strips together for borders.  It may go to the quilter next week!  I love that the whole thing can hang on the design wall with room to spare.

I made a lap quilt for my sister using scraps from the curtains I made for her last year as the starting fabrics upon which to build.

My sister's quilt: 
"Wine and Chocolate"

I sewed sheers out of an almost cheesecloth-like fabric and found exactly what I wanted for valances.  Show you those next week, I hope.

Finally, I made a sling bag for a friend and have requests for a Bible cover and an iPad cover.

And there is fabric stashed already for a soccer quilt to raffle and a long-overdue quilt for Erin and Luke.

Plenty of sewing to come.

Next week, I take a long-arm quilting class at a local quilt shop and am excited about the options that opens up for doing my own quilting.  I've been a bit timid, you see, about machine quilting because frankly, I'm afraid I'd mess up something that I'd already put so much effort into piecing.  But learning machine quilting is #18 on the goals for this year and I'll be making significant headway on that goal with next week's class.  And it's still January!

I'm working toward a goal of 40 books this year.  So far in January ...

-I'm continuing through Anna Karenina.  It keeps getting put aside in favor of other books but I will finish it!

-I'm continuing through Divine Conspiracy with friends.  This is a book that I am loving and savoring and deeply enjoying discussing.

-Reading Letters to Malcolm Chiefly on Prayer by C.S. Lewis.   One of Coty's Christmas presents which never made it up to his office.  I stuck it in my basket and am close to finishing it.  Love reading Lewis again.

-Finished the novel Evidence of Things Unseen by Marianne Wiggins.  I loved reading this book but was troubled by parts of it.  Still it is luminous writing, as befits the characters whose love story it tells.  I just didn't like the way it ended, but no spoilers.  It's worth reading.

needle and thREAD


kkp said...

maybe i just don't know enough to be that intimidated by machine quilting at home, but i promise you it's really not scary once you sew your first line into your quilt.

i know that kay and i sew quite differently from you and erin, so consider this an invitation to walk on the wild side? ;)

Kathie said...

I'm doing a little blog hopping this morning - DW is next on the list :)

Sewing "sounds" peaceful but I think it might be a frustrating experience for me . . . but I have a sewing machine that I picked up for $5. I'd like to try something super simple. Any ideas?

I'm reading one of Roger's Christmas books too - Who Is This Man by John Ortberg - very, very good. (He's a DW fan too)

Love to you this bright and chilly Friday morning!

Kay Pinckney said...

Kandyce, I love how you and I are grouped together as "wreckless" when it comes to sewing.
Although maybe I'm not so wreckless as i am sloppy. Atleast it always works out! haha

Beth said...

Not wreckless, Kay, but fearless, undaunted, intrepid! I love how you both let your creativity flow without timidity.