Saturday, January 26, 2013

Icy roads and a new machine

Yes, indeedy, I did just win a new Bernette 46 sewing machine.  Just like that!

My sweet friend, Carla, and I went to Statesville yesterday to the Quilting and Needle Arts Extravaganza. We duly filled out our cards for the hourly door prize drawings and went on our merry way, enjoying fabric and ribbon and so. much. more!  Neither of us filled out our entries for the big door prize of the day, a new sewing machine because the drawing was going to be at 2:00 and we had to leave before noon to get back home.

At about 11, the extravaganza organizers announced that the drawing for the sewing machine would be held earlier.  Freezing rain and sleet forecasted  for the early afternoon threatened an early closure for the show, so they moved the drawing to noon. Carla and I decided to fill out our entry cards and stay for the drawing.  When they announced that it was about to happen, we moseyed a little closer for the announcement.  Then we heard, "And the winner is ... Beth Pinckney."

 I don't know if I've ever been so surprised!  I've never won anything like that.  Never.  Ever.  I was shocked!  Stunned!  Babbled something, I'm not sure what, except I think I said thank you about a hundred times.

The webpage for the prize, the Bernette 46, describes it as a machine with a "cool retro look reminiscent of early sewing machines."

What'dya think?

Here's the new Bernette ...

"cool and retro?"  Reminiscent of ...

... what I've been sewing on?  My grandmother's Singer, produced in 1949.  It has sewn a whole lot of seams in its lifetime.  I just had it cleaned, tuned up, and oiled a few weeks ago, and it still runs like a charm and sews a nicer straight stitch with its little purring motor than any other machine I've ever used.  I love it.  It will stay out on the sewing table ...

But I'm happy to have something with a few more options.  Oh yea, sew happy! (sorry, had to do that).

One more big, bloggy thank you to Shirley (left) and her daughter, Emily (right) who are owners of Sew Original and Studio Stitch, respectively, for their very generous door prize.  I'm looking forward to going to their machine mastery classes soon.



Kathie said...

Hooray!! A perfect prize for you - good thing it wasn't me :)

SO happy for you Beth <3

Laura A said...

Woohoo! And yes, I remember the old Singer well!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a more perfect person to win that machine! You will put it to good use!!