Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013: Looking ahead

I've been working on a list.  Some of the items have the flavor of resolutions or goals, as in, I want to include this in my life or do better this year than I did last year.  Some I've already done and simply want to keep doing or do more.  Some items are are aimed at spiritual health, some at physical.  Some are simply dreams of projects I'd like to tackle.  Some are clearly more weighty and vital to me than others.  Some are just for fun.

Enough descriptors.  Here's the list - in no particular order ...

1.   Do another triathlon, preferably an open water tri which means ...
2.   Get back in training mode (swim twice a week, bike more, start running - not just walking - again.
3.   Read through the Bible (haven't done this for several years.  I'll use this plan again).
4a.  Finish the 3 quilts that are mostly pieced and ...
4b. Make 5 new ones - start to finish. (I already have fabric stashed for two of them!).
5.   Be devoted to prayer.
6.   Rework the retaining wall garden and replace sun plants with more shade lovers.
7.   Plant a flower (cutting) garden from seed.
8.   Read 40 books.
9.   Get away with Coty more.
10.  Read more poetry.
11. Write letters to my children.
12.  Spend more time with my extended family.
13.  Get to know our Burmese refugee friends better.
14.  Learn to use my serger.
15.  Work on core strength.
16.  Learn about photography and get a new camera.
17.  Go camping.
18.  Learn machine quilting.
19.  Memorize our church's weekly scripture selections.
20.  Go to Denver, Cary, Hoosick Falls!  And the Outer Banks.  Never been there.
21.  Celebrate DGCC's 10th anniversary.  Whoa, really???  Already???

It's a start.  What do you want to do in 2013?

The old Dutch oven with butternut kale soup 
which doesn't really have anything to do with 
this New Year's list ... except that we are getting back 
to our normal healthier eating after all the holiday feasting!


ASwanson said...

I love your list, Beth. I hope to do some things along the lines of #s 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, and 21 - though I won't be doing the same kind of training, and will be lucky to read 13 books in 2013 (I didn't hit 12 in 2012, but I started and finished the year well, so I'm carrying some momentum into the new year!) Also, that soup looks delicious!

Susan said...

Did my comment just disappear?! I think so. I'll try again, and if the other one shows up, you'll know why. I won't try to rewrite the whole thing, but I'll just say that I love the list! I particularly have admired you this past year for your triathlon dedication, and I'm inspired by what you worked so hard to do and for finishing so well (actually, for finishing at all!).

Blessings to you, Beth!

Kathie said...

um . . . where is "visit PEI"?


great list Beth!

Beth said...

22. Visit Portland, Seattle, AND PEI! There we go, Kathie. I think that about covers it!

Bonnie said...

delicious looking soup, which I made something very similar this week. HOPE you do an open lake triathalon!
My sons did. This is your last year of homeschooling. Celebrate with all those things, esp travel!!