Thursday, December 06, 2012

Less distraction

 Good, powerful, Advent words from Leila ...
"When I was lying there, it was all very clear to me that what is required of us in these days and in these times is less distraction from inessentials and more commitment to the one true thing, which is preparing the way for the Lord into our hearts.

As mothers and fathers, we have to be sure that all the many doings of our busy lives are oriented towards the one goal of bringing our children face to face with truth, beauty, and goodness, incarnate in the One Lord of all.

I suddenly felt the urgency of this, as many events, not just my own stumble, in this past year and even in the past few weeks have seemed to taint the things we have taken for granted.

The taint is not new -- it's always there -- that bitterness in the mix -- the sense that things might not come out just fine. Sometimes it's more felt than others, and lately I've become aware of fear and a loss of confidence. Maybe that's a good thing, in a way, because it's fatal for followers of the truth to be arrogantly trusting in our own powers.

But trust we must. We have to put our trust in the right place -- right there in that lowly manger. So this is it -- the time is now! Whatever you are doing, and however busy you are, keep hold of what is important right in the midst of it all. Live this Advent like you never have before -- like your everything depends on it. Because it does."

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