Saturday, December 29, 2012


"This week between Christmas and New Year's is one of the best.  There are no expectations for it, really, other than to finish off Christmas cookies and try to clean up the house a bit."   -Alicia Paulson
Matthew is playing the piano.  Coty has gone for a walk.  Joel will be on his way home from Orlando tomorrow.  Kailie has gone back to Denver, Thomas and Kay to Cary, Andrew to his own apartment.  We had a lovely, lovely Christmas and delighted to spend time with those who gathered at home.  We missed the ones who couldn't make it here.

One of my friends spoke recently of the happiness and sadness mixed together at this time.  So much to be glad about mixed with the sadness that comes with people missing from the circle.  And then there is the longing at times for days gone by.  Days when little ones couldn't wait to wake up on Christmas morning and gathered outside your door, giggling, urging you to wake up.  Days when a "thought" wrapped in wads and wads and wads of wrapping paper brought so much laughter.  Days when everybody was always here.  

But no, I don't want to go back.  I am practicing contentment in this new season.  On the verge of the last one going off to school, I am looking forward.  And not looking forward.  Ah, it's that mix again.  The sweet and bitter.

Anyway, back to those Christmas cookies... we had a house full on Thursday.  Little ones and big ones, Montagnard, Burmese, American, baking and decorating sugar cookies.  It didn't matter that Christmas day had come and gone.

I loved that Thursday morning.  It was my sister's idea.  She's amazing.

We're finishing off the cookies that didn't go home with anybody else.  But not doing much cleaning ... yet.  Still basking and enjoying the restfulness of these days.

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