Monday, December 10, 2012

Almost done!

Here we are with all the stuff strewn on cabinets and floor waiting for places. 

I decided to reuse this old sliding door cabinet that has been in the garage for ten years.  It was filled with lots of junk and a few treasures which were duly sorted and tossed, shared, or added to the piles.  The doors were removed and scrubbed, the inner dividers removed and scrubbed, the top scrubbed, the metal sliders "sanded" with steel wool and scrubbed.  You get the idea.  The thing was dirty!  But now, it has new life.  I thought about painting those louvered doors but after cleaning the wood well, it really looks quite nice so it's staying as is.  Except as you may see in a later photo, it is now pristine on top, with just a few choice items, including the knitting needles and sewing tools at the ready.

See, I told you there was a lot of stuff.  Those two bins were full of everything that came out of the drawers of my massive desk.  Lots has been thrown away.  Some, you will see in a moment, is still sitting in slightly neater piles, waiting to be put away in a newly painted file cabinet.

Here are the shelves ready for assembly and installation.   Sorry for the dark photo.  It was evening.

Here they are a couple of days later, up and stocked.  Goodness, I love them.   And see the Indian stars.  Thank you, thank you, Kandyce.  I love them, too.

And the cutting table.  Ahhhhh!  It doesn't have a top yet, but for now the self-healing mats will do nicely.  Pretty, pretty to see that fabric just waiting to be used!  I also found a sweet little rug/wall hanging that I got years ago in Kenya (I think).  It's been tucked away in a box for a long time.  On the bare floor, it makes a nice little area rug to stand on beside the cutting table.

This is the corner that still needs work, but progress has been made.  The old black file cabinet from the garage, full of spider webs and pretty icky, has been cleaned and painted gray.  That aforementioned pile beside it is what remains to be sorted and organized in the drawers.  I'm still looking for a table, still wanting to repurpose an old table by cutting out a hole and mounting my machine in it flush with the top.  In time, in time.

And in the corner... well, the chair is not reupholstered yet, but kitty Madison doesn't seem to mind.  He has claimed this spot as one of his new favorite sleeping spots.  

There are branch curtain rods waiting for the perfect curtain fabric (I haven't decided what that is yet) and a small fabric covered table for my computer.  I expect in the weeks and months to come, I'll do a whole lot of living and working in this room.  Every time I walk through it now, I feel a happy contentment and eagerness to get fabric out on that cutting table.

Tomorrow ... tomorrow!

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kkp said...

can't wait to see the finished room!

love the stars in the corner, too. missing seeing them out in front of everyone's houses at christmas this year.