Monday, December 10, 2012

A moment ... and more

There was a moment on Saturday.  I sat bundled in a blanket in the big recliner, a cup of peppermint tea with honey on the stool beside me, knitting.  Erin laid on the sofa, covered with three blankets, fever wracking her achy body.  Luke, sneezing, pulled up the rolling desk chair and sat with a pair of leather chaps across his lap and stitched a small leather knife pocket onto them.  Coty, in the corner of the sofa, had Erin's legs across his lap and he rubbed her feet.  Clara snuggled next to him.

Three of us were in various stages of sickness.  I was recovering.   Erin had it bad.  Luke had it coming on.  Only Coty and Clara seemed to have escaped.  We were watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

I didn't want to get sick when I traveled to visit my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, but I felt a sweet peace, just sitting there, most of us still in our pj's, the fire in the woodstove crackling, the good dog stretched out on the floor beside it, the Christmas lights strung along the wall, twinkling.

We didn't spend the whole time sick.  The first day and a half, we did other things, like visiting the horses with Erin and Clara, and going for a little ride around the ring.

That little girl is one confident cowgirl.  She walks right up to that big 'ole horse, takes the lead rope after Erin slips the halter over his head, and strides along, giving a little tug to let Paladin know to come along.

She knows every tool in the bucket and knows how to use them.  Combing out his tail, picking mud out of his hooves.  She knows how to do it all

And when it's time to ride.  Oh, my word.  Happy, happy girl. Like her Mama.

We said good-bye on Saturday.  Well, sort of.  After reading the Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook in the truck on the way over the mountain, past the reservoir, and through the next little city, Clara fell sound asleep.  So Gramma and Papa just whispered good-bye, sweet little one, and Gramma climbed out of the truck with a lump in her throat.  Ahem.

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