Monday, December 10, 2012

2178 and counting ...

2178.  Being well again
2179.  A great college visit today.  They are really interested in my boy.  We'll see.
2180.  An very sweet and fun early 18th birthday surprise for Joel thanks to Thomas and Kay.
2181.  Retreat planning
2182.  Detail people (not me so much!)
2183.  Little girl cuddles
2184.  Finding eggs together
2185.  Funny little mannerisms that just endear
2186.  Old favorite story books
2187.  Good, good food - not planned or cooked by me!  (Thanks, Erin)
2188.  Fresh air, country roads, horses
2189.  Eating fresh eggs.
2190.  Safe travel
2191.  The softest yarn ever becoming something so pretty
2192.  Phone calls and skype dates
2193.  Friends that just walk in the house and stay long
2194.  Friends that just sit in a comfy chair after all the excitement and quietly read
2195.  Pre-marital counseling - keeps me thinking on the things that make for a good marriage
2196.  A quick hug from a friend at church as she heads out the door
2197.  The understanding you have with friends who know you well
2198.   My morning coffee
2199.   The sound of carols filling Erin's little house; the warmth of the woodstove filling it, too
3000.  This life I've been given with an overabundance of very dear people who bless daily.

Just a few of those people and the fun of that early surprise!

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