Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Looking back

I have spent the morning cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  It feels good to sweep the corners, scrub the floors, fold and put away the laundry ...  all the things that barely got done in the last couple of weeks.  It feels good to go into a new year with a relatively clean house, clutter cleared, things in their places.

Now I'm sitting down with a cup of tea to look back at 2012.

In January, I said it was a threshold year.  I have stood at that threshold, looking to the days ahead and asked questions about how I want to live in the days coming soon when my children will all be out of the house.  I have paused in some things - no teaching this year, fewer commitments, more quiet.  It's been good.  I'm still in that place.  Still thinking and waiting, imagining possibilities and praying.

In February, there were cow's eyes, chorus frogs, daffodils, and a surprise plane ticket.

In March, I visited Erin, finished a wedding quilt, and started a little series on What We Did way back when.  That was fun - looking back, remembering a house full of little people.

In April, I wrote the most fun blog post I've ever written.  Even more fun because I actually fooled some of my own children, who thought I had gone crazy, remembering things that never happened.  I spent a very special weekend with college freshman hall women and renewed some friendships.  The spring flowers were gorgeous.  The saris and the Misers arrived.  It was a very full month.

In May, I had little girls (and their parents) here to love on.  My teaching ended, spring soccer ended, Andrew graduated, and we went to the beach.  All of us!  I loved every minute of it.

In June, I met Makato Fujimura, spoke at a conference, and started making a quilt from saris with some very wonderful helping friends, bought a bike and started training for a triathlon.

In July, I sewed and trained.  That's about it.

In August, I sewed and trained some more.  The Sari Bari quilts were finished. Matthew, Thomas and Kay left on a road trip west. My beautiful mother turned 80 and Joel's last Covenant soccer season started.

In September, Clara was the flower girl in our nephew's wedding and we spent a wonderful weekend in a house on the side of a hill.  Later in the month, I finished my first triathlon!!!  And a little later still, we remembered a very special day, 35 years ago.

In October, I displayed a quilt, designed my mom's 80th birthday quilt, and followed the Sari Bari quilt auction with excitement. (a little story about that in a future post).

In November, I ripped out carpet, painted walls and floor, put up shelves, made a design wall, and moved into my new room!  My sewing room!  My studio!  Call it what you will.  I love, love, love the transformation - and so does everyone who comes into this bright, functional space.

In December, we visited Erin, Luke, and Clara.  I got sick.  Erin got sick.  Luke got sick.  Clara got sick. Joel got sick.  Andrew got sick.  Yea, we got sick.  But we got better, too.  Joel and I finished working on his college applications.  And then it was Christmas.  We met Kailie in person and shared special time with family and friends.  Coty and I very quietly reached our 33rd anniversary and now, the year is coming to a close.

I did love 2012.  I loved the students, the quilts, the soccer, the training, the race, the weddings, the trips, the together times.

Last night, Andrew and I went out for dinner.  We talked about resolutions.  Some people eschew them.  I don't make a big deal of them, but I'm thinking about goals for 2013.  I'm thinking about that threshold still and what is beyond the wide open door.  I'm thinking about what I love and who I love and how to love better.

And now, I'm thinking about gingersnaps for the international students coming over to play ping-pong tonight!

Thanks for coming along, readers.  I might be a better blogger in 2013 ... still weighing that one to decide if it makes it into goals for the year.  We'll see.

Til next time ...

Happy New Year!

Eat your black-eyed peas and collard greens!

See you in 2013!

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Bonnie said...

Happy New Year. Do keep on blogging.
I would miss you.