Saturday, November 17, 2012


Floor primed.  One coat of paint on the walls.  More sanding.  
Glad it was warm enough for an open window and  fan.

Floor painted and one coat of polyurethane applied.
Since the picture, two more coats have gone down
Walls painted, and though this picture doesn't show it, all the trim
is now painted, with thanks to my sweet sister who is, among many other things,
a trim painter par excellence!

I'll be sewing in here before long!


Missy K said...

Beth-- this is wonderful-- so bright and clean and spare, for your quilt designs to explode against with color and pattern. Can't wait to see more as your vision continues to come together!

Kathie said...

Way to go Beth!! It's going to be a lovely room for sewing! We're making similar progress on our flood-damaged basement - new gyprock on, seam filling completed and just ready to start painting.