Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moving in ...

The painting is done (except for a bit of molding at the top), the floors are done (except for wood at the thresholds), and I'm starting to move back in!

The design wall is up and it truly fills an entire wall with only a little space to spare for the ironing board to be tucked away when not in use. I stuck a couple of free play quilt blocks up to see how nicely they stick to the flannel.  They really do!  I'm going to add a rod or line above the wall so that I can hang finished quilts since once they are sewn together, they are too heavy to stick to the wall.

I do love this little chair right in the corner.  It's still in the process of getting a facelift.  You can see it's getting its old fabric ripped off, bit by bit, and will be recovered before too long.  Still trying to decide what to use and whether I have enough of something that I really like in my stash of decorator weight fabrics. 

I already love this cutting table. It's also not quite done yet - it still needs its top and perhaps and base and feet, but it's usable and I started carrying fabric back in this morning and organizing it in the cubbies.  Happy sigh.  

There is still more to do.  Additional storage space and shelves on the wall, curtains at the windows, a thread holder to make, and pictures on the walls, and eventually, when I find just the right table, a better sewing table than what the machine is currently sitting on.  But the room is almost done enough so that I can start sewing again. Then I can get going on all the projects in the queue and new ideas that have been percolating while the sewing room/studio takes shape.

It feels so bright and airy, so clean and calm.  Such an improvement!

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