Sunday, November 11, 2012

It still amazes me ...

-that I can call my husband in India on my cell phone and hear him like he was across the street.  But I know he's in India and not across the street because I can hear car horns honking incessantly.

-that I can talk to Matthew in Minneapolis and Kailie in Denver ... at the same time.  Love, love, love these three way conversations!

-that I can read books to Clara and she can watch me put my bookshelves together even though we are miles apart.  Thank you, Skype.


Susan said...

It amazes me, too, Beth! And it really is sweet to be able to see the little ones when they're miles and miles away, isn't it? My youngest granddaughter is never shy when she sees me because she's familiar with me through these new methods of communication. (But my Skype isn't working now, so I need to have someone help me fix or redo it.)

I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing room come together! Fun!

Ember said...

Beth do you know this book? I think you'd like it.